7 Quick Ways to Promote Your Facebook Contest

600x300xmegaphone.gif.pagespeed.ic.EDQOLs6sYQFor any Facebook contest, there are three things that will make it successful: the contest itself, a prize that your fans will love, and the advertising that will get your contest noticed. Because advertising can vary widely, from paid to unpaid, its best to know what your specific goals are for this contest. If you have the budget and want to acquire as much contest entries and email subscribers as possible, then the paid route might be a better and faster choice for you. If you’re looking for a way to engage your current fans or attract fans that are within your target market, there are a variety of different paid and unpaid options. Remember to keep the call to action and message very clear for potential contestants so that they will want to enter your contest without any hesitation. Below are seven quick ways you can promote your Facebook contest and why they are beneficial to your campaign.

Promo Tip 1: Use your current email list

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  • Engages your current fan base
  • Converts email subscribers who may not be Facebook fans
  • Leverages high email marketing open rates 

Promo Tip 2: Publicize on Twitter

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  • Reaches a new channel of customers 
  • Increases your contest entries as Twitter followers retweet
  • Converts Twitter followers who may not be Facebook fans

Promo Tip 3: Publicize your contest on your website

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  •  Converts web viewers to Facebook fans
  • Has a higher reach than email or social outlets

Promo Tip 4: Ask blogs related to your product or target market to link to your contest

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  • Reaches people who may not even have considered your brand before
  • Converts higher value fans 
  • Builds trust with your brand through a third party blog they already trust

Promo Tip 5: Use Facebook Advertising such as Sponsored Stories or Promoted Posts

Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 3.40.32 PM

  •  Reach depends on how much you spend 
  • Potential to reach people who may not be fans of the Southwest but share similar interests with existing fans
  • Facebook share button can spread contest fast

Promo Tip 6: Send text alerts to your mobile lists


  •  Reaches your current mobile fan base faster than email
  • Converts mobile fans into Facebook fans

Promo Tip 7: Use Google Ads to direct users to a specifc contest landing page

Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 3.34.53 PM

  • Reach depends on how much you spend 
  • Potential to reach people who may not be fans of the Southwest but type keywords that relate to the brand or the contest

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