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Has Facebook failed marketers?

A friend sent me an article on titled “Has Facebook failed marketers?

I wrote a response in the comments section of that article and I have re-posted it here:

There are marketer’s who get the value of facebook and those who don’t.   From my perspective there’s just a lot of education needed to show marketers the value of facebook and how to take advantage of it.   And those who figure it out and stay ahead of the rest are the big winners in this game.

At the end of the day the key things you need to realize is that facebook has massive audience reach, incredible targeting capabilities, access to your social graph, and very high performing ad units (when done right).   Not to mention mobile, where usage continues to skyrocket.

You need to take the best parts of facebook and pair them with the best parts of your other marketing/advertising strategies.  When combined you will see fantastic results.

Want to see an example of a company I think all marketers should study closely in the social media space?  Check out these guys –>

Nick Taylor
Founder / Social Contests