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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
Social Contest's Spin-to-Win is an easy to install app for your website. New website visitors who are browsing your site will be presented with the opportunity to spin the wheel for a chance to win one of several great prizes. Once the wheel has been spun the user is presented with the opportunity to receive their free gift by providing their email address. Unlike traditional email pop-up offers which typically generate 1-2% email signups, Social Contests Spin-to-Win typically averages 6-8% email signup rates making it one of the most powerful tools for savvy online marketers to take advantage of.
What type of results can I expect?
Most websites typically see their sign-ups double or triple after installing Spin-to-Win. It's very common to see email sign-up conversion rates between 6-8%. In addition websites typically see new sales increase anywhere from 10-20% by offering their customers a special prize / incentive to do business with them.
Can I customize how it looks?
Absolutely! After you sign-up you'll be able to decide what colors, prizes, and text you'd like to use.
Does it only pop-up once per visitor?
Yes, users will only be presented with the offer once so that it does not annoy them on future visits to your website.
Will it work with my email marketing company?
We currently integrate with over 20 of the most popular email companies including Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, Emma, Bronto, DotMailer, and many more. All new email addresses captured will automatically be added to your email subscription lists within your tool of choice.
Do you offer a free trial?
We're currently offering a 30 day free trial (no credit card required). Assuming you love the results you can then choose to pay month-by-month.
I have another question not in this FAQ
We are here to help! Send an email to and we'll be happy to get you an answer. We typically respond within 1-2 hours.
This looks awesome, how do I get started?
Getting started is easy and takes just a few minutes. Simply enter your website address above to get signed-up and begin capturing new email subscribers, customers, and revenue.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

Have only had this app for 3 days today and already more emails and happy customers with small discount that i would habe givem them anyways. 5 stars because awsome will pay to keep this one thanks.
Brilliant app! It has doubled my conversion rate compared to any other exit-intent pop ups i have used
ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS APP!!! It has had such a great impart on my conversation ratios and the support I have received from the pirates has been fantastic, especially Karlo!! Thank you again!!!!!!!!!
Great app. It really works. Installation was a headache free.
Great App. Over 12% conversion rate and super easy to setup and use.
Wow, decided to try it out today, and 3 hours later I made a sale from it. THIS IS AWESOME ! 1 email gained and 1 sale done. Great app !
By far the most impressive app on our store. We have tried numerous pop ups, opt in forms with average success. This blows them all out the water by a mile. We drive a fair bit of traffic and this app has captured over 1300 emails in under one week. It's awesome.. Building your email list has never been easier.
Yes this app is a bit expensive, but wow - it works. Before this we were using another app to collect emails with a popup and our signup rate was pretty low. Not only does Social Contests Spin-to-Win blow those stats out of the water, it also brings us sales. We have collected hundreds of email addresses and had multiple sales from this app since we started using it. Highly recommended!
Works as promised! Got 17% conversion rate, 60 new emails captured on the first day. Up about 400%! Also I love that different rewards can have a set probability, so if you want people to win more of a specific discount, it's possible.
We love this app. The interface looks seamless on our site, and it's getting great results.
Very happy with the App. Very easy to set. Friendly and quick support.
Awesome App! Our customers loving it!
15% Conversion Rate from displays! Never had such an incredible rate before! Had to increase my mail automation plan because of all the email addresses I'm now collecting! Great app!
Less than 24 hours on my site and 2 sales! Super Cool!!!
Great App! It helps a lot getting customers staying in the website and buying our products!
Actually... No lie... This is the best email capture we have ever used! I don't know what it is, but we are getting double the response with Social Contests Spin-to-Win!
Great app that is far and away the highest converting exit popup I've ever used!
this app is started working before i even had my design elements setup and already collected emails....anyone not using this app is missing out on valuable customer contact.
Great app so far! Already collected a ton of emails!
Love it. Excellent design, excellent app dashboard, fast, effective. One of the best Shopify apps I've ever used. Very well done!
Beautiful App! Customers love the concept! A+
Greatly improves email capture rate!
Great app. The app has been installed for around 3 weeks. I collect around 18 emails per day and conversions are up. Thanks!
Our visitors seem to dig it. Our shop's conversion rate with Social Contests Spin-to-Win is at around 18%. Give it a try, your customers will probably prefer it over every other run-of-mill exit intent pop-up.
Brilliant idea and easy to use. Highly recommended!
Doubled my sales in 1 day from putting it, directly from Social Contests Spin-to-Win - I love you guys!
Almost like Magic! amazing software!
Incredibly unique app. Really cool and fun way to increase store purchases! Customers love it.
I think this app is fabulous! First day i set it up i collected over 50 emails!
Amazing app. The best app to collect emails and also increase sales. Fantastic customer support.
Get This! Went from collecting less than 2 emails a day on my site. I now get over 20 every single day. This is gold!
Seems like an amazing app! I am looking forward to start using it. Great support very fast to answers my questions.
Great app. Generated new subscribers from the first minute. Perfect for growing your email list.
I never leave reviews. But I have gone out of my way to write this one. This is a truely brilliant app and a great way of building your email list. Not only does it boost sales and give a cool image to your business it is by far the best way of building a list of contacts. Not even had it installed a week and already ive collected over 150 emails. Previously it took me 14 months to capture 1500 emails with a pop up which I'm sure was annoying for people looking back.
This app rocks! It builds up the mailing list so quick! Also, it gives us sales every day instead of letting'em leave without shaking their credit cards! Awesome thing!
We're getting really good conversion rates, 7-8% which is much better than other email capture systems we've tried
I own a bodybuilding supplement store, and at first I thought this would be gimmicky, but I thought why not give it a shot. Literally after the first day of installing, we were able to gain 30 new emails that we can market to. I've never broken 10 in the 8 months we've been in business! Its really nice because you can match the color of the wheel to your website color scheme. Also being able to win free products on top of discounts is awesome!
This is wonderful, customers go crazy playing and buying. Increases sales.
Hands down the best decision I ever made was adding this app. Prior to this we were using an app that was upwards of $70.00 a month to try and collect emails just like everyone else is doing it. Adding this app has dramatically increased our email collection and people are taking action. Great app, steal of a price. Can't go wrong. Lifetime customers here…
Looks really good and I like this app. easy to work and awesome customer care! So far works great! Thanks!
I am very impressed with this app! I am looking forward to using this in my shop. The customer service was extremely helpful and quick to respond! Thank you
So far so good. Great opt-in rates and sales from this app. The customer support is excellent also. Highly recommend.
Everyone loves a discount and everyone loves to win. This app is insanely good at converting and getting people to hand over their email address. Only on exit intent, we have a conversion rate of 13%, versus a 4-5% on standard exit-intent popups. Well. Done!
We've installed Social Contests Spin-to-Win around 2 weeks ago and it helped us to collect around 1K emails and triggered 10s of different sales. Thanks a lot to the Social Contests Spin-to-Win team and congrats on developing such a great product…
Wow, saw this on our Facebook Shopify group and installed it on a whim. WHAT A MASSIVE DIFFERENCE THIS MADE TO OUR CONVERSION RATE. We TRIPLED our checkout rate overnight and collected about 4-5x our usual newsletter signups. This app is super effective and our customers love it! Who can resist a spin?
Its pretty stunning. I was getting mad at all the supbar exit capture apps out there
App works very well and developer provides excellent support. Messaged and they replied instantly.
Awesome App! Good conversion rates straight out of the box, with minimal customization. With customization the results are next level. YARRGGHH!!!
LOVE IT! Especially with the new updates!

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